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Things that just stress me out

well here's my rant blog. well one of many im guessing. People just generally dont understand what its like to be 16. even though most people im talking about here were once 16 and should know what its like.
In fact I think being a teenager is the most stressful time of your life, because you look like an adult, you act like one, you just can be one.

the most annoying i think ever is people trying to be 'individual' and 'original', and by doing so all they do is back comb their hair, wear one piece of black clothing and wander around with liquid eyeliner. this is really not individual at alll ever. you just end up looking like every other tramp who wandered out of topshop that day. seriously being individual is not even trying to be it (take not here Diana Vickers and her legions of fans) and then prancing around saying it. being individual is being comfortable and confident with yourself enough not to try and be something different to stand out.

the second most annoying thing ever is couples. despite being part of a couple myself and hanging around with several other lovely couples, couples just piss me off. not me being in a couple or my coupley friends. just couples in general. like how they take up so much fucking room in aisles and you try and get passed and you cant because theyve decided its okay to share a little public affection. and how if your having a day when you generally need a cuddle all you can see wherevver you go is either totally loved up couples or coupley stuff like christmas cards for boyfriends, the one i love etc.

and the whole stereotyping is the third thing currently annoying me right now. actually its been the bane of my existence since i started secondary school. i got labelled a "geek" because i did well in school, and only because i did well in school. not based on anything else. as i got older and developed an actual personality, i got labelled "wierd" because i talked to those you could label "alternative", then "emo" because i dressed in black, along with "dirty grunger" "goth" "greebo". all because of my dress sense. im not quite sure how you label grungers, goths, greebos and emos, but they're certainly not me! well i guess i am a little bit of all, but i hate it  when people label because of fashoin sense. its not right.
get to know me, talk to me, then judge me, label me. i promise i wont judge you but stereotyping needs to be banned. NOW!!


Its like an epic return this!

this is my first live journal post in months. and to be honest there's not alot that has changed. Actually I can give you a list of the most important things which have happened to me since May:
1) I turned 16
2) I got ridicuously drunk on my 16th birthday
3) almost got expelled from school for doing so
4) passed my gcses with 2 A*s, 1 A and 7 Bs
5) Spent 3 weeks in guernsey with my boyfriend
6) Have been together with my boyfriend for nearly 10 months next thursday
7)Got two more piercings on my ear lobes
8) Got into 6th form to study history, politics, psychology and philosophy at a level

So not alot has happened. Nothing deep or philosophical at all, despite getting 100% in RE GCSE. And falling a lot more in love with perhaps the most perfect boy ever.

love x

teenage love affairs

so here comes my second post and probably the most cliched you will find here on livejournal.com

time to talk about love then.

so right now according to my facebook profile, im 'in a relationship with delight' (this isnt really his name but its for the sake of his privacy. he's also my top friend on myspace where my relationship status (alongside his) is 'married'. ofcourse if you are female like myself and your relationship status is set to anything but divorced or single and a boy is your top friend on myspace (and vice versa for males) it is most likely that your top friend is your other and better half.

so im in a relationship. taken. courting. stepping out with someone. going out with. a step up from seeing someone. most of my friends are too. infact out of our little group of on average about 8, four of us are currently off the market so to speak.

and yeah some havn't been together as long as others. the longest relationship is 18 months and the shortest is about 3 months. so a range of 15 months and an average of about 12 and half months. so it's all looking pretty serious. i mean yes, we've had boyfriends before. but it seems once you hit a ceartain school year childhood infactuations fly out the window. 

to give you an example- when we were all back in year 9, only about two of us had boyfriends. one was in a long term relationship and as teenagers that over 3-6 months and the other had just started going out. but they were basically childhood relationships, meeting the parents wasnt taking seriously and there were regular playground breakups and the most important was he didnt kiss you infront of all his friends.

fast forward 18 months to the present day. boys are still a huge part of our day to day lives and everything matters. if he text you with enough kisses at the end, if he says i love you too, if he pays when you go out together, and if his parents like you or not, if you spend too much time at his. everything matters and everything is to play for at our age and especially if your in a teenage love affair.

so times have moved on and stuff has changed. we've all mature; including the boys we wouldnt talk to, or lets be honest here, even look at 18 months ago. meeting the parents is incredibly important, how much time you spend at one another's houses. but the one thing that hasnt changed and so many will criticise the young for using this word is if he loves you or not. Love has always been the most important thing in a teenage girl's life and now 18 months on from when boys first became important it turns out its important to boys too. Yeah we can all agree the word 'love' is thrown about too much, especially in fresh relationships and ofcourse in chavvy ones too! But I think if it's long term for any individual the word can be used because if we dont have love in this life, what else do we actually have?

So really everything changes except for love. Which ofcourse is the most important thing.

love x

Welcome to Live Journal?

Welcome to my live journal
here's the introduction entry- a get to know me.

im a british teenage girl. yeah so no names, ages, or locations disclosed in this journal. make it safe for everyone, eh? and so my dad cant shout at me if he hacks my account.

im currently on 'study leave' at boarding school for my gcses in english language, english literature, double science, maths, history, drama, french, re and latin. latin, history, drama and french i do out of choice and after having recently completed the two year course (exams coming up within the next month) i think i chose pretty well. well enough that i was in the position to do anything i wanted for a-levels next year. my a-level options are: history, politics, philosophy and pyschology. with an aim (one day) to go to uni to do a combined history and politics degree, with 10 downing streets as my ultimate career goal. yeah-prime minister. why not? everything's possible.

im considered to be 'taken'. means i have a boyfriend. he's the second boy i've brought home and here's a helpful tip girlies: it doesnt get any easier. we've been together about 3 and a half months now and its better than any other relationship i've had. i guess you can say im even falling in love. and yeah i know im young but everyone is capable of experiencing love- we just experience it differently. but yeah this boy is special and i will do anything and everything to keep it that way. so expect blogs to come up about him and about my past relationships and it may be cliched but it's alot better than bottling it up inside. 

my main activites when im not hard at revising for those up coming 'little tests' as my not very nice person of a headmaster referred to them as are going out with my friends to locations accesible by public transport, listening to music which is not even at best considered to be 'mainstream', myspacing and msning as my mother oftens refers to it and horse riding.

right i better get to the most difficult thing. how to label me. im not a conformist. definetly not. i went through a stage from years 7-9 when i wanted to be a chavette, dancing like a whore, listening to r&b music. then i woke up. i realised that wasnt me. so out went the high street clothes and now your more likely to catch me in 'emo' clothes, 'emo' make up. but im not emo. im not scene. im not a greebo. im not a grunger. im not a goth. so please dont refer to me as any. im alternative and trust me im one of a kind. difficult to place and i will do everything and anything in my power to stay that way. adds to my mystique.

i love my friends. we're not chavs. we dont hang about on street corners casuing trouble. we're intelligent. i know i've only known them for about two years but its been a better two years hanging with these guys than it ever was hanging with the plastics at my school. oh yeah that too. i have a couple of close friends at school as i've been blatently rejected by the populars, and so most of my friends attend the local state school. how i yearn to go there and be with 'my own kind' as one chavvy kind so nicely put it. thats why i was so glad to stick two fingers up at them so recently when we left school and go fuck you. i've had enough of their shit for the past 5 years and im not putting up with anymore.

congratulations if you've got to this point. i probably sound like a right whinge bag, but i promise you i am. the majority of teengaers dont have an opinion so its my right to develop one and use my voice to shout out.

so thats me. more to come from my mind soon!
love x